Author: AFRA

AFRA is a South African land rights non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with marginalised people on farms to advance the realisation of their rights.

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  1. Hi im Ntombili Khumalo from Charlestown my mother used to attend Afra workshops during the 90’s and she always talks how helping those workshops are. I attended in 2008 and 2011 Cop17 we stayed at UKZN Howard College. What i liked most about Afra was that we get to talk with Government departments,Organisations and Companies that can help rural women. KI


    1. Dear Ntombili,
      I’m sorry for our slow reply – I only saw the notification of your comment now! It’s so wonderful to reconnect and hear from the many people across South Africa and beyond who hold a special place for AFRA in their hearts and memories, and so encouraging for us to stay connected with our rich past as we adapt to the present and prepare for the challenges and successes ahead. We continue to strive to make those conversations possible and work closely in support of rural women.


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