AFRA’s New Logo & Website: Thank You!

Today AFRA has launched their new logo and website, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who helped make this possible: Matthew da Silva and Bridget Young.

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Matthew is a talented young graphic designer from Hillcrest, who volunteered his time to assist the AFRA team in designing a new logo to reflect their current focus areas. He patiently re-worked the logo as, with each staff discussion, we made small adjustments and added new ideas to his fantastic design until we felt it was the perfect representation of AFRA’s work.

South African born, raised and educated, Bridget Young is a Programme Manager working at the NGO Crisis in London, striving to end homelessness. Bridget made a donation in her personal capacity that paid the first year of the cost of having a premium website on

We asked Matthew to share answer a few questions about himself, and the design of the logo.

work pic

Where did you go to school? Westville Boys High School

What did you study and where? I studied Graphic communication and brand management at Inscape Design Group.

What’s your favourite thing about your job? Being a person with a creative mindset, I really enjoy the fact that my job allows me to harness this ability to create my own personal forms of beauty through different forms of media. It also allows me, in a way, to make the world a more visually appealing place.

What’s your favourite hobby? I enjoy photography, illustrating and drawing, occasionally. However I also do enjoy keeping fit at the gym or going for a run now and then, to clear my head and keep active.

Why did you decide to help with AFRA’s new logo? I admire AFRA’s purpose, and their vision, so I felt that if I could make a difference, through the use of my creative abilities, I would be more than happy to create a strong, bold, symbolic logo to represent AFRA, and strengthen their brand identity and what they stand for.

Thank you so much to Bridget and Matthew for your contributions, and your belief in the importance of the work that AFRA is undertaking.

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