AFRA Mandela Day 2016

A massive thanks to all that donated towards the Mshengu fund!


Thank you to everybody who contributed their time and made donations towards improving the life of uMkhulu uMshengu. Today we were joined by the LRC and DRDLR to handover blankets and foodstuffs to him and his family. Among the people that heeded to our call was UMATI, an organisation of commercial farmers who mentor and facilitate socio-economic development initiatives in the Upper Midlands area.

102 year old Zabalaza Mshengu sits in the backdrop of his ID document. Photo: Tom Draper

UMATI unbelievably donated a 1000lr Jojo Tank towards the initiative. Now uMkhulu would not have to walk kilometres to the nearest water source to fill his containers.

The money that AFRA and DRDRL have raised will go towards fixing Mshengu’s house.

AFRA Staff Glenn Farred (left) and Ndabe Ziqubu (Right) enjoying the process of handing over food, water and blankets. Photo: Tom Draper

We appeal to you to continue making donations, as you can see, Mshengu’s house quite dilapidated and your contribution would help change that.

Mkhulu Mshengu observing all the donations he has received for Mandela Day 2016. Photo: Tom Draper

Donations can be made to the account below or cash given to Tom Draper ( or 078 754 0700)

Name of Account: Association for Rural Advancement
Reference: Mshengu
Bank: First National Bank
Acc no: 50950020963
Branch Code: 223125

Author: AFRA

AFRA is a South African land rights non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with marginalised people on farms to advance the realisation of their rights.

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