Media and Communications


The last year has seen great development in AFRA’s media and communications strategy and output. With the positive support of a growing staff body, along with some landmark legal victories, AFRA has managed to capitalize on its achievements and secure important press coverage. The communications team has developed systematic strategies that aim to further compound AFRA’s role in the land sector while giving a voice to the most marginalized elements of society.

The Strengthening Rural Democracy documentary, funded by Oxfam South Africa, was an opportunity to develop and nurture an internal production team that can handle larger video projects in the future. It allowed for in-depth investigation into the lives of farm dwellers and workers and the dynamics that are so pivotal to their livelihoods.

As a further contribution to Oxfam South Africa’s Rural Transformation Project, AFRA was able to create a second documentary for SCLC (Southern Cape Land Committee) which has been excellent in developing the competency of our production team, as well as starting to develop a reputation in the land sector for content creation and video production.

With regards to social media and online engagement, the communications team would like to develop systems that replicate those of the corporate sector. This would entail content schedules for consistent online presence as well as online engagement trackers that allow interaction to be monitored and analyzed in order to improve AFRA’s online approach. The content creation will have an emphasis on info graphics, photo essays and videos as well as regular news pieces that relate to the land sector and AFRA’s specific projects. The aim is to simplify and package the dynamic work that AFRA is involved in so that it is easily accessible for public consumption.

As public interest in the land sector increases, so does the need for clarity and insight on a ground level. AFRA, as an organization, is well placed to influence local and national approaches to land use and the laws that define them. With that firmly in mind, the communication strategies that are being developed aim to gradually raise the profile of the organization and the work it is involved in.

Author: AFRA

AFRA is a South African land rights non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with marginalised people on farms to advance the realisation of their rights.

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