Using the justice system to promote international best practice in South Africa

In October 2017, AFRA submitted to the ILC Africa it best practice on how it promotes and advances people-centred land governance. We are happy that of the 35 entries submitted for the 2018 ILC Award Competition, AFRA’s submission is amongst the top 10 good practices.
The winner of the ILC Award competition will be announced in May 2018 and presented with their award during the 2018 Global Land Forum in Bandung, Indonesia in September.

The case study is about Association For Rural Advancement (AFRA) and the Legal Resources Centre class action lawsuit against the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform on behalf of labour tenants.Under the 1996 Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, labour tenants were granted rights to apply for ownership of the land they occupied. However, the government failed to implement this law, and 19,000 labour tenant claims remain pending. AFRA and LRC sought to use international best practices to create a new legal mechanism, through the appointment of a “Special Master” to oversee the implementation of this legal provision by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

The case study is available in English, French and Spanish on the ILC Database of Good Practices. Click link below for more details:

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