Settlement agreement reached in the Hilton land claim matter.

On Tuesday, 03 September 2019, a settlement agreement was reached in the Hilton land claim matter and was made an order of the Land Claims Court sitting in Durban High Court.

In terms of the agreement the state “agreed to make an offer of alternative land … that shall be transferred to the claimants to be held communally by them through a legal entity of their choice.” The alternative land shall be “located within approximately 40 km from Hilton and sufficiently close to schools [and] it shall be sufficiently large, and of an adequate quality, to permit cropping, grazing and the continuation of a rural lifestyle.”

Once the alternative land is identified the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development “shall procure the assistance of the three spheres of government to facilitate the provision of basic services, infrastructure and housing for the Claimants.”

In terms of the settlement agreement, the Hiltonian Society undertakes to assist the claimants to erect houses, provide transport from the alternative land to Hilton and assist the families to transport their cattle and goods to the alternative land. The families will only be required to move to the alternative land once the houses have been built there and there is provision of water, electricity and sanitation on the alternative land.

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