Reaction to Land Reform with AFRA’s Laurel Oettle

AFRA’s Director, Laurel Oettlé, discusses her views and those of the South African Land Network National Engagement Strategy (LandNNES) members on last week’s media briefing by Minister Thoko Didiza on Cabinet’s responses to the President’s Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture’s recommendations. What’s your take on the recommendations?

Update 24/12/2019: Thank you to everyone who has watched and shared yesterday’s interview, and engaged with the crucial issues of land reform in South Africa as it unfolds. I hope you have found some measure of interest or useful information from our discussion on the recent announcement by Minister Didiza.

If you have an interest in understanding how these processes are unfolding, or finding out more about AFRA’s work and positions on land reform, or those of our fellow civil society organisations, please do contact me on in the new year and I would be very happy to share more detail.

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