Letter from the Director

Laurel Oettle, AFRA Director

Dear colleagues and friends,

With the end of 2016 on the horizon, we send you our greetings along with some current news from AFRA.

AFRA published our final edition of AFRA News in October 2009 – the year in which AFRA celebrated their 30th year. That edition focused particularly on the land struggles of women living on commercial agricultural land, and the importance of youth “contributing to their own development and that of their communities.” In looking back on 30th years of work in the land sector, then-Director John Aitchison reflected, “It is a proud record but we cannot relax in the face of unresolved land claims, under resourced land redistribution, continuing evictions. AFRA proudly commits itself to on-going struggle for a fair deal for all rural people.”

Seven years later, and despite some very challenging times, we are delighted to be publishing a new AFRA Newsletter sharing how we continue to take that legacy forward in adaptive and innovative ways. From our creative Forgotten Citizens Youth Project to our pioneering Pathway Project, we hope you enjoy engaging with some of the work we are currently undertaking and invite you to get in touch if you would like more detailed information on any aspect of our work.

After an eventful 2016 thus far, both for us here at AFRA and for South Africa as a whole, we are looking forward to ending the year with dedicated time for internal reflection, adjustment, and planning.  This will be a critical time for us to adapt our structures and systems to better fit the new, larger AFRA team and our wider range of projects and partnerships, and ensure we are ready for another busy year in 2017. We are also looking forward to a restful festive break and a chance to be with our families while we recharge our batteries to start the New Year with renewed energy and focus.

Warm regards and best wishes for the festive season,

Laurel Oettlé

AFRA Director